Working on the Whole You

We all get off track sometimes and feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Even the stresses of everyday life can take a toll on a person who isn’t living their best, healthiest life. Working on both the mind and the body, I aim to help you find the best of yourself both physically and emotionally. My unique blend of education and experience allows me to deliver holistic support, working on the whole self, or independently focus on one area of health. I help:


Offering Experience and Support

With my unique experience as a Counselor and Personal Fitness Trainer, I work to support my clients in achieving their health goals for mind and body. I have worked as a Mental Health Counselor for over 12 years in California, Washington and Illinois helping women, teens and children who are struggling with depression and anxiety to find hope and happiness. As a Personal Fitness Trainer I coach, motivate and support clients in becoming physically stronger and balanced. With any difficulty you are experiencing in your life, I offer a supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging approach that will assist you in feeling better and becoming your fullest self.


My Work

Intentional health for the mind and body.


Blog | Changes

May 15th, 2019

Every day I work with people, wonderful amazing people, who want something in their life to be different. In all of my experience with counseling, coaching or training others, I have never said to a client, “Don’t make any changes in your choices or how you interact with the world and the changes you want in your life will just happen”. NEVER! None of us ...


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